Would you like to improve your Google page rank?

SEO can be a very grey area in the industry with over-hyped promises and massively under-achieved results. Many web companies out there will promise to get your website to the No 1 spot on Google search for your required search terms but the truth of the matter is that they are just saying that to get your business. The chance of them achieving this is very minimal so make sure you always read the small print when dealing with companies making these ‘promises’. With only 1 top spot and 10 first page places available for each search query, it is impossible to guarantee a position.

At BourneFX we do not make unachievable promises, but what we do promise is that we will use our expert knowledge of SEO to do all that is possible get your website ranked as highly as possible on Google search for your required search terms (keywords). Some companies charge a small fortune for SEO services but we offer our SEO services at a very reasonable rate. As an additional extra to any website we build, our “SEO Package” should definitely be considered.

SEO Package

  • Website content optimisation
  • Site map generation
  • Permalink creation
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup

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