Would you like to track your website traffic & learn about user behavior?

Web Analytics are created from internet data that is collected, measured and analysed for the purpose of understanding and optimising your website. Web Analytics gauge traffic and the popularity trends of visitors, it can be used as a powerful tool for business and market research to improve the effectiveness of your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a program offered by Google that generates in-depth statistics about your website’s visitors for the purpose of analysis to more effectively optimise your website. Google Analytics features amazing data visualisation tools such as charts, graphs and tables so you can view changes in your website’s data over time.

We provide a “Google Analytics Setup” package as an additional extra to any website we build for you with free reporting for the first month. Being expert Web Analysts we can also provide you with a continued monthly service to monitor and report on important website data which can be used to constantly improve the effectiveness of your website.

Google Analytics Setup

  • Google Analytics account setup
  • Google Analytics tracking code installation
  • Google Analytics reports for first month

Additional Extras

  • Google Analytics account management and reporting

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